Class/modules Media Element Level Wellbeing
Little Hands Art Box 1 Line colour 1
Spirals Art Box 1 Line, colour 1 P
Water and Colour Play Art Box 2 colour 1 P
Magiclay Art Box 3 Texture, pattern 1 P
Buttons Art Box Line colour 1 P
Line and Pattern Art Box 1 Line, Pattern 2 P
Children’s Book Art Box 1 Design, colour 2
Fun Animals and Creatures Art Box 1 Line and colour 2
Smooth Oils Oil Pastel, paper Line, colour, texture 2 P
Scribble Line Portrait Art Box 1 Colour Line 3
Fashion Art Box 2 Colour, design 3
Magiclay Fish Art Box 3 Texture, colour 3
Frogs Art Box 2 Colour, texture, line 3
Beetles Art Box 2 Line, Colour 3
Sun Dye Textiles Sun Dye Kit Colour 4

Level Definition.

No artistic skill is assumed in all of our lessons. All modules are suitable for clients to work with a facilitator.

1. Basic skills. Some may need direction. Be able to hold a brush or pen. Able to follow simple instructions.

2. Building on Basics. Able to create simple shapes and patterns. Maintain concentration for a longer period.

3. Capable. Follow simple instructions independently.

4.Competant. Independent worker able to try new challenges

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