Grow, Learn, and Heal with Art at Art Friends

Art holds a world of its own that color your soul when you delve into it. It is hailed as a form of therapy where individuals can use creative activities and methods to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Art is used not only to cope with stress and help express emotions but also to improve one’s quality of life and social skills.

Art Friends is a registered NDIS support provider in Melbourne, Australia, where individuals of all ages come to be a part of our workshops.

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) was the first national scheme in Australia for people with disabilities. The scheme was designed with an aim to support people with all they need in order to become more independent and gain and improve skills for their betterment. NDIS for providers supports numerous programs that help and encourage people with disabilities to lead a better quality of life. NDIS services in Australia also ensure that these programs and communities like local libraries, sports clubs, network of practitioners, support groups, art programs, etc. are brought into contact with people who have disabilities or are in aged care.

NDIS support for providers in Melbourne, Australia, has ensured the growth of a number of communities and programs designed to assist those under the care of NDIS to enrich their quality of living in stimulating ways. NDIS helps by providing funding to the people eligible under the program, based on their needs and requirements. As a supporting partner with NDIS, Art Friends hopes to encourage individuals in building connections and self-expression through art as an NDIS provider in Melbourne.

Families on the lookout for NDIS services in Australia can find their destination in Art Friends where we seek to improve the wellbeing of their family members at our facility.

As one of the NDIS-registered providers in Melbourne, Art Friends not only provides guided art lessons but is also an NDIS aged care provider in Australia that creates a space for individuals of all ages, no matter how young or old, to create art and build connections, both emotional and mental.

NDIS supported Art Programs and Their Benefits for the Well Being of Individuals under NDIS in Australia

The NDIS services in Australia supports numerous programs and services that aid people with disabilities in enhancing their skills and leading a more fulfilling life. The scheme also encourages this by covering costs of art therapy programs, art supplies, and more.

Art, as a form of therapy, benefits individuals in more ways than one. As a registered NDIS care provider in Melbourne using art to transform lives, here’s a glimpse into them all:

There is no one Form of Art

Art is more than just painting or drawing. There are numerous forms of art to choose from and experiment with. One can choose an art form from a plethora of options such as painting, craft, music, sculpting, poetry, etc. NDIS for providers has helped in creating numerous art programs to facilitate healing, growth, and enrichment in the lives of individuals with disabilities and those in aged care facilities.

Art Encourages Diversity

Each form of art is expressed in varying styles and techniques, giving you more choice to find your method of expression. Yet another aspect of diversity explored through art is the fact that art is for everyone. You could be any age, any gender, holding different talents and intellectual abilities, and still be the right person to explore and create art. NDIS-registered providers in Melbourne, like Art Friends, create avenues to encourage diversity with art as the medium.

Art Helps you Communicate

Art is a form of expressing yourself to communicate with others. Often, more than words, your art can become an avenue to convey your innermost thoughts to people around you. For many, who shy away from verbal communication or are unable to do so, art can be a heartwarming source of expression that reveals more than words ever could.

Art Heals

Art is known to be therapeutic for those dealing with trauma or stress. It serves as a healing process by relieving anxiety and stress. Art acts as a channel to pour out your emotions and thoughts in a safe way while also becoming more self-aware. Art Friends is an NDIS provider in Melbourne among many that seek to heal through art.

Art Improves Physical Abilities

Holding a paintbrush or any other art tool requires a particular finesse that is developed over time. With art as a channel for individuals with disabilities to both express themselves and create a sense of purpose, their fine motor skills are improved with time. Additionally, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, grip, and muscle control is also improved.

This is particularly vital for most individuals under the NDIS art and wellbeing program in Australia. From an education institution to an NDIS aged care provider in Australia, this program helps in making day-to-day activities simpler to carry out.

Art educates

Apart from helping you build cognitive skills, art helps you learn about culture, history, and more through its varied forms and evolutions. You learn a lot more about art than just creating it.

Art Brings Joy

The process of creating art can be as fulfilling as the outcome. It is not only a fun activity that brings joy but also brings about a sense of excitement and encourages curiosity. Research also shows art as a reason for dopamine being released, improving emotional and mental health. As a registered NDIS care provider in Melbourne, we seek to infuse our sessions with uninhibited joy to give everyone the chance to enjoy art as it should be.

Art Encourages the Building of Social Skills

NDIS encourages programs that often involve interacting in groups, allowing people with disabilities to build social skills. Making friends who share interests is yet another skill developed through art programs as a group. With the connections formed over the art workshops, there is a sense of belonging, cooperation, collaboration, sharing, and respect among those that are part of the program.

NDIS for providers has ensured the burgeoning of various programs, helping individuals under NDIS build social skills and interactions with others.

Art Employs the use of Multiple Senses

No matter what the form of art, many of your senses are employed in the process that encourages the stimulation of synaptic connections. From sight, touch, smell, and sound, almost every sensory medium is used when creating art – whether the activity is painting, mixing of components, pottery, craft, or more.

Join Art Friends in Creating a Stimulating Space for Comprehensive Wellbeing with NDIS

As a registered NDIS support and care provider for the wellbeing of individuals in Melbourne, Australia, Art Friends aims to create an inclusive space for all while ensuring opportunities of growth and enriching lives. Our online, guided experience includes health and wellbeing sessions, art workshops for kids and adults, workshops for art and crafts, portrait classes, and mixed media.

With the help of NDIS for art and wellbeing in Australia, we, as a registered NDIS care provider in Melbourne,  aim to create a nurturing environment for people of all ages and from different walks of life. Art Friends seeks to bring inclusiveness for individuals under NDIS to encourage artistic exploration and help each individual to improve their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

With the positive outcomes we have witnessed over the years while carrying out our art sessions, our program, as an NDIS-registered care provider, is also adopted in schools and by NDIS aged care providers and facilities in Australia. We strive to help individuals open themselves up to all the ways in which art can transform perspectives and abilities while opening possibilities that were never accessible before.

You can get in touch with our team to know more about our program for NDIS art and wellbeing in Australia, and to understand its potential in helping those under NDIS live a life that is more comforting and fulfilling. Our sessions and their details can be found by browsing on our website. You can send in your queries regarding particular programs or visit us to know more.

Be a part of Art Friends and join us in helping create a community for all where we thrive together, learn together, and explore the potential of creativity together.

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