Hello Art Friends, welcome!

These lessons begin with some meditative drawing and collage processes. We then  introduce simple fabric dying and stitching as we work towards creating a unique stitched art-work and scarf.

Workshop Content

Experience 1 We will first look at the simple action of drawing and how we can use it as part of our wellbeing. We will draw simple lines on different surfaces and then cut them into pieces for our next activity.

Experience 2 Using our lined paper we will cut, draw and glue our pieces into different designs to create a collage. With a focus on line the activity will draw on the importance of play and how to manipulate elements to create a finished artwork.

Experience 3 In this experience we will introduce our Sun Dyes and, using our cut paper strips and the sun, we will be able to play with design on fabric. Whilst continuing with the theme of line our piece of dyed fabric will create a starting point for stitching.

Experience 4 Using our dyed fabric we will introduce simple stitching to create movement and pattern. Our finished artwork that would be suitable for framing, a cushion etc.(Slow stitching is a movement used by many as a part of their meditative practice.)

Experience 5 Combining all the techniques we have learnt over the five lessons we will dye a scarf with our Sun Dyes.Using different basic running stitch applications we will complete the scarf with a colourful stitched design.

Other materials:
Black or other coloured paper

Piece of cotton fabric-approx 300mm x 400 mm – old pillow case, calico, cotton fabric.
Assorted threads- DMC or Anchor type work well
Sewing needles.- medium size

Scarf – plain fabric, available from Thrift or Department stores

Level Definition.

No artistic skill is assumed in all of our lessons. All modules are suitable for clients to work with a facilitator.

1. Basic skills. Some may need direction. Be able to hold a brush or pen. Able to follow simple instructions.

2. Building on Basics. Able to create simple shapes and patterns. Maintain concentration for a longer period.

3. Capable. Follow simple instructions independently.

4.Competant. Independent worker able to try new challenges

Workshop Preview, Materials and Cost


Line and Design onto Fabric includes 5 art experiences to enable you to feel confident to engage with a variety of media.

The material list for this workshop is recommended only! You can purchase them as a kit from us or from your local art supplier.

Level 4

  • Experience 1
  • Experience 2
  • Experience 3
  • Experience 4
  • Experience 5
    • 50 $ plus postage
    • 200 $ plus postage
    • $
    • $
    • $
    • $

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