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In this module we will be working on a series of exercises that have been created to help you relax and enjoy the art of just doing. These are non-threatening, sensory exercises for any age group. They are playful and fun, there is no right or wrong which takes all the pressure away. Join me in having fun with our liquid play using different techniques to help you relax. I do hope you will join me Liquify and Apply!

Workshop Content

Please feel free to order Box 2 to go with this module for your art equipment. Or adapt and use your own materials.

Lesson 1 Drop and Drag   This experience involves water, colour and gentle play.

Lesson 2 Wet Play Spray   This experience involves water and colour mixing together in a way that creates accidental shapes and colours. The effect is calming and therapeutic.

Lesson 3 Thick to Thin  This experience is about line and pressure. The pressure that you use to make lines will be explored, as we continue our water and sensory play.

Lesson 4 Lines and Curves  We will continue to explore lines but now we will add a curve. Creating calming movements and shapes within our artwork.

Lesson 5 Ovals that Overlap  In this experience we play with the calming roundness of the oval shape. We will explore colour through shapes and transparencies whilst working in a calm and meditative manner.

Workshop Preview, Materials and Cost


Liquify and Apply includes 5 art experiences to enable you to feel confident to engage with a variety of media.

The material list for this workshop is recommended only! You can purchase them as a kit from us or from your local art supplier.

  • Lesson 1 Drop and Drag
  • Lesson 2 Wet Play Spray
  • Lesson 3 Thick to Thin
  • Lesson 4 Lines and Curves
  • Lesson 5 Ovals that Overlap
    • 50 $
    • 200 $
    • $

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