Little Hands with Kylie and Robyn


1. Calming Drawing

This easy line and mark making activity combined with the guided simple breathing technique will help children create their own sense of calm. It is an exercise that is  suitable for all ages but particularly suitable for the very little and can be done anywhere using basic materials.

2. Pancakes 

In this lesson we will engage with air drying magiclay, using techniques that are simple and fun to get those little hands moving. Adding watercolour to the mix to bring colour and delight to the senses.

3. Paint and Print

This lesson is about colour and the simple effects that are created when wet paint marks are printed onto paper. The children will be encouraged to explore the results they make and to confidently experiment with different colours, marks and paper positions.

4. Rainbow and Clouds

This lesson adds a new technique when using Magiclay, slowly teaching our littlest learners simple techniques that they will be able to use over and over again. Activate those fine motor skills whilst creating one of the first images children draw, the rainbow.

Adding Magiclay and paint to the activity engages more of the senses which means more fun!

Workshop Preview, Materials and Cost


Where do we begin? Let’s start with simple and fun ways to engage our littlest learners. Little hands will be engaged in a sensory activity while learning the language of art- twisting, tearing, dripping, squeezing, looping, gentle…… all of those wonderful descriptive words we use when creating.

Level 1

  • Calming Drawing
  • Pancakes
  • Paint and Print
  • Rainbow and Clouds
  • Tearing
    • 50 $ plus postage
    • 200 $ plus postage
    • $

5. Tearing

Using different types of paper we are going to learn some simple tearing,scrunching, drawing and collage techniques and then they are encouraged to use these skills in different ways. The lesson also encourages children to work slowly and embrace the process rather than the finished piece.


  • ART IN A Box 1 plus
  • white MAGI CLAY (buy as an extra)
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Assorted papers ( white, newspaper, magazines etc)
  • Aluminium Foil

Level Definition.

No artistic skill is assumed in all of our lessons. All modules are suitable for clients to work with a facilitator.

1. Basic skills. Some may need direction. Be able to hold a brush or pen. Able to follow simple instructions.

2. Building on Basics. Able to create simple shapes and patterns. Maintain concentration for a longer period.

3. Capable. Follow simple instructions independently.

4.Competant. Independent worker able to try new challenges

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