Magiclay Candy Colours


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AF295 Magiclay Candy Colours (Pack of 12)

Magiclay air dry clay is a lightweight, soft and elastic modelling compound. It dries in approximately 1 hour resembling a paper- like texture when dry.

Magiclay air dry clay is used by Art Friends as one of the modelling materials in their online classes. It is a wonderful medium as it is tactile and enjoyed by all ages.

It is malleable for both junior and senior hands to push, pull, twist and compress.

It is particularly useful with strengthening of fingers and hands.

This clean, fast-drying, non-toxic, pliable, paper-like modelling material can be used by students, hobbyists and artists.

Magiclay will also bond wet to dry. No adhesives, joining techniques or tools are required. It can be pulled, stretched, rolled, shaped, cut, stamped and pressed to suit a wide variety of art or modelling projects.

Colours can be mixed to create new colours or white magiclay added to create pastel shades. It can also be painted with acrylic paint after drying. Felt markers can be added to colour either wet or dry Magiclay.

Make your own models, creatures, jewellery, magnets and many other creations with this air-dry clay Australia – based product.

Art Friends use Magiclay in a student module called Magiclay Fish and also a wellbeing sensory module simply called Magiclay, which is a wonderful set of tactile exercises particularly suited to Seniors.


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