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Sun Dye and Tie dye kits Australia

Use the sun and our dyes to create amazing effects!

Dye and dyeing instructions are included in these kits. Sun Dye is also great for tie dying.

How do they work?
Our dye kits are made with ingredients that are ecofriendly and non-toxic.

Paint your fabric with dye and then arrange your found objects to create a design. After exposing it to the sun, ghost like shapes will reflect the image of your opaque shapes.

The application is simple.

  • Collect a number of items that can be used to block the sun. They include: stones, card, leaves, twigs, stencils, sand, coins etc.
  • Mix the dye colour of choice in a half water, half dye mix and apply to prewashed fabric. Work on a firm board so that your work is easily transported.
  • You may like to wet the material with water first for a more diffused effect.
  • Arrange your found items and simply take outside in the sun and expose until fully dry.
  • After removing the items fix the dye with a dry iron as hot as the fabric will allow.
  • The colours will be bright and the only thing to remember is to wash the material with cold water and detergent when dyeing process is finished.

Sun Dye Kit includes
Each pack contains 3 dyes, 1 sponge brush, 1 brush, 3 pipettes, rubber gloves, instruction sheet.

Price $23.63 plus GST Total $ 26.26

Colours available, please order by code.
AFSD000 Sun Dye Earth
AFSD001 Sun Dye Sun rise
AFSD002 Sun Dye Passion
AFSD003 Sun Dye Canopy
AFSD004 Sun Dye Sunset
AFSD005 Sun Dye Space
AFSD006 Sun Dye Harvest

Can I join a class to help me with the dye and dyeing process?

Art Friends have an online class that takes you step by step through lots of different ways of using your Sun Dyes. It is called: LINE AND DESIGN ONTO FABRIC WORKSHOP, check it out!!

Level Definition.

No artistic skill is assumed in all of our lessons. All modules are suitable for clients to work with a facilitator.

1. Basic skills. Some may need direction. Be able to hold a brush or pen. Able to follow simple instructions.

2. Building on Basics. Able to create simple shapes and patterns. Maintain concentration for a longer period.

3. Capable. Follow simple instructions independently.

4.Competant. Independent worker able to try new challenges

Level 4

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